Jan Bidner och Mats Björk

Gamification #14 - Rewards in Gamification (The English episode)

After an unplanned two weeks break (due to train delays and too much work) the beloved podcast Gamificationfredag is back with an all English episode focusing on the topic rewards and rewarding systems in gamification.

The episode is in English mainly as a flirt with An Coppens of Gamification Nation (who was the main organizer of GWM Stockholm 2015) but also as an attempt of reaching an even bigger audience on their way to stardom. 
On this episode they talk about points, badges, t-shirts, marshmallows, simborgarmärket, mucklor, chore monsters, toy-yodas, porsches, class craft, food, smart clothes, ricoins, avalanhce, inspiration company, headache, swedish cocks, school, hooters, timing, conversion, agents and personalized rewards.

Listen to the episode and read more: Gamification #14 - Rewards in Gamification (The English episode) 

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    Jan Bidner
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