Technology Labs Podcast

Technology Labs Podcast: Artificial Intelligence Testing

During this episode, Eva Holmquist is the guest of the global SogetiLabs podcast series. Eva is a Senior Test Specialist at Sogeti Sweden and has a particular interest in Artificial Intelligence.

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The podcast series Technology Labs is made by three members of the global Sogeti Labs community. The podcast series can be found on Spotify for easy access across the world. 
Curious about Sogeti Labs? It is a community of over 150 technology leaders from Sogeti worldwide. SogetiLabs covers a wide range of digital technology expertise: from embedded software, cyber security, deep learning, simulation, and cloud to business information management, IoT, mobile apps, analytics, testing, and blockchain technologies. The focus is always on leveraging technologies, systems and applications in actual business situations to maximize results. SogetiLabs provides insight, research, and inspiration through articles, presentations, and videos that can be downloaded via the extensive SogetiLabs’ presence on its website, online portals, and social media. Together with our clients, we turn these insights and ideas every day into reality, often accelerated through our THiNKUBATOR model.  

  • Rik Marselis
    Rik Marselis
    Quality and Testing Consultant | Netherlands
    +31 886 606 600
  • Eva Holmquist
    Eva Holmquist
    Senior Test Specialist
    072-502 83 93