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Future of Life: A new agenda for work

Our SogetiLabs experts summarizing the actions for the new agenda in the new normal. 7 principles introduced.

SogetiLabs - Future of Life, A new agenda for work Cover.pngIn the new normal, people matter more than ever.

In this new whitepaper, the “Seven principles for a new agenda for work” are meant as a reference for your strategic choices on the new normal.

“The Future of Life” expresses just the idea that how we want to live our lives dominates how the future of work will evolve.

The collective Covid experience will leave its mark on the future. How all of this will eventually play out needs to be seen. But what stands out is the understanding how much personal life and working life are intertwined. How culture and value shifts in society already leave their mark on business strategy. And how new media technologies are turning people into media and organizations into broadcasters.

In times of transformational leadership we need a new agenda. All our seven principles are based on magic and need support from new leadership and new technologies. Look for the magicians in your organization and let them lead you towards an organization that is:

  • Employee Obsessed
  • Serendipity proof
  • Creativity Online
  • A Platform for Meaning
  • Asynchronous
  • A Media Company
  • Fan-based not Customer-based


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