"The State of Performance Engineering 2020"

Learn about the current state of Performance Engineering, in a joint Sogeti and Neotys report. Our experts share best practices and valuable insights for anyone dealing with application performance.

Report Overview:

  • The discipline of performance engineering is often reserved for specialists.
  • There is little data available to enterprises to help them understand the current practices and how other organisations are managing it.
  • This research fills the void by combining the opinions of 515 senior decision makers and the perspective of subject matter experts from Sogeti, Neotys and outside practitioners to explore the landscape of performance engineering.

Performance engineering is a crucial enabler of business success. Yet there is little data available to enterprises to help them understand current performance engineering practices and how other organizations are managing them.

Performance Engineering

This report is designed to offer insight and best practices to all stakeholders in your organization dealing with application performance, including: executives, business and product owners, architects, developers, quality assurance engineers, tool coordinators, infrastructure engineers, and system administrators.

Chapter 1 is for executive leadership responsible for setting the direction and culture of the company. They need compelling reasons to drive transformative change. We examine how application performance is valued and and what is its impact is on the business.

Chapter 2 lifts the veil on some of the key organisational components in building a performance-first culture.

Chapter 3 covers some of the building blocks and fundamental capabilities of performance engineering. Through a variety of use cases, we review why they play a significant role in achieving the mission.

Chapter 4 dives deeper into the underlying technical foundation and necessary integration as we start to incorporate performance engineering in the lifecycle.

Chapter 5 investigates the likely evolution of performance engineering.

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