"Testing of AI - AI Quality Engineering Skills"

This report presents general ideas, definitions and guidelines for the testing both ‘of’ Artificial Intelligence and ‘with’ the assistance of AI. Enjoy!

When we look into the future, it’s clear that even Continuous Testing will not be sufficient. That’s where AI and Machine Learning enter the game. They can, and will, take over the complex aspects of software development and testing. AI is perfectly able to advance software testing by automating tasks that involve self-learning, and which traditionally required human cognition.

This paper considers why we need to test AI and whether we should test it using well-known software testing skills, or with additional skills. What can and should be tested? 

This report draws on our many years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge in this fast-changing area of IT.

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  • Rik Marselis
    Rik Marselis
    Quality and Testing Consultant | Netherlands
    +31 886 606 600