The Autonomous Car: A Consumer Perspective

The Capgemini Research Institute conducted a survey of 5,538 consumers across six countries in Europe, North America, and Asia in December 2018. 280 executives from OEMs, suppliers, and tech companies were also surveyed. Capgemini also conducted interviews with industry leaders, examining what consumers want from self-driving cars and how organizations can give it to them.

For this study, we focused exclusively on the ownership of self-driving vehicles by end consumers who would use a self-driving vehicle for personal, non-commercial use. Mobility services based on self-driving cars are beyond the scope of this report. While the role of public policy, local and federal governments, and other players is instrumental for a self-driving future, for this research we have limited the scope to automotive players and consumers. The report will help companies understand consumer expectations from a self-driving future, and accordingly prepare their organization.

Specifically, this report has four goals:

  1. To explore consumer readiness for driverless cars
  2. To understand, in-depth, consumers’ expectations for driverless cars
  3. To assess automotive companies’ investments in driverless cars, and examine where they are missing the mark, in terms of what consumers want and expect
  4. To share recommendations on how organizations can accelerate the journey towards a self-driving future.

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