digital happiness report series

The Digital Happiness Report Series

The advantage for your organization of choosing Digital Happiness is that it is an inexhaustible source for improving your relationships, both with your customers and with your employees. Learn more in our report series from SogetiLabs.


"The Happiness Advantage"
New digital opportunities can make our lives easier, more efficient, safer, and more joyful. Digital happiness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competition. This first report in a series of four on the theme of “Digital Happiness” from SogetiLabs covers this new trend of IT-humanism.

"In Code We Trust"

"In Code We Trust" is the second report in a series of four, on our new research theme “Digital Happiness”. Trust is one of the six key variables that have been found to support wellbeing according to the World Happiness Report of 2018. Trust and happiness are closely related. Trust has become such an important part of the current tech-debate, we decided, therefore, to investigate the concept more in-depth.



"The Synthetic Generation – Growing up in an uncertain changing world"
Read the third report from SogetiLabs on the overall theme of Digital Happiness, focusing on Gen-Z.


"Utopia for Executives"
Welcome to the post-technology era. Following ‘The Happiness Advantage’, ‘In Code We Trust’ and 'The Synthetic Generation', the last report in the Digital Happiness series from SogetiLabs, ‘Utopia for Executives’, interviews some of the world’s thought leaders in the fields of technology, society, ethics, happiness and wellbeing.


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