”The Happiness Advantage”

New digital opportunities can make our lives easier, more efficient, safer, and more joyful. Digital happiness is rapidly becoming the new frontier of competition. This first report in a series of four on the theme of “Digital Happiness” from SogetiLabs covers this new trend of IT-humanism.

You may ask yourself where to begin and which needs to prioritize, but one thing is clear: only focusing on efficiency and effectivity is not enough anymore. Customers and employees are already two steps ahead of actually living in a happiness economy. They are becoming more selective when looking for happiness and a purpose, making the prudent use of technology an additional differentiator. Their findings and judgments are shared in reviews and ratings, giving helpful insights for shopping customers who need these happiness ratings. Enhanced by a customer-centric mindset, it is experience and emotion that are today’s differentiators.

Technology empowers organizations to understand these emotions, to persuade people with hyper-personalized touch points, and to directly impact their happiness and sadness. Those who miss this societal trend will have a hard time winning the hearts of the customer and new employees.

In this report, we explore three key questions. First, what is the potential advantage of aiming for happiness? Second, how does digital technology impact our individual happiness? And third, what role must organizations play as guardians of the happiness of their customers and employees?


Watch a video with a number of guest speakers, analysts and
thought leaders discussing the role of digital happiness and
what it means for organizations and customers.

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