World Retail Banking Report 2020

World Retail Banking Report 2020

The World Retail Banking Report 2020 from Capgemini and Efma explores how retail banks are facing pressure to transform, as new entrants focused on customer experience gain significant market traction while the current pandemic environment drives consumers to digitally interact more with their banks. The report highlights the need for banks to evolve into platform-based models and transform their core to stay competitive.

New entrants grab the CX spotlight

Digitally native, non-traditional FS players are testing the old guard and gaining market traction by offering a delightful customer experience. To meet these agile new entrants head on, banks need to urgently embrace Open X.

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Uncertain times demand platformification

Traditional banking models based on operational scale and universal products are failing. To drive top-line growth and improve the bottom line, banks need to create, cultivate, and monetize network effects by building, buying, or sharing platform capabilities.

Transform the core for a sustainable platform

Overcome legacy barriers impeding growth by transforming the core banking system. Adopt a progressive approach to modernizing systems to achieve time-sensitive goals with minimal risks and measurable outcomes.

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