Application performance – Will you be ready when it matters?

Application performance – Will you be ready when it matters?

A TECHFLIX on-demand webinar. Remote working. Increased digital customer engagement. Surges in the use of video conferencing, teleconsultation, online shopping, and many other online transactions. This is the new world of business as usual. In 2020, faith in application performance means faith in the business as a whole.

This requires the performance engineering discipline to stay aligned with business outcomes: speed to market with high quality services, business continuity, customer experience, and greater control over (infrastructure) costs. Application performance must not be left to the engineers.

This session is based on the results on an industry survey, conducted in May and June 2020, amongst 515 senior decision makers. We will share trends, surprises, and crisp examples, as well as practical recommendations resulting from our assessment of the state of this discipline in 2020.

Via an interactive episode, we ask:

  • How can business leaders align investment in performance engineering with transformative change?
  • What key organizational components are needed to build a performance-first culture?
  • What does a typical performance engineer’s day look like?
  • What technical integrations are need to incorporate performance engineering in the app lifecycle?
  • What next in the evolution of performance engineering?


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Henrik Rexed, Performance Engineer, Neotys
Antoine Aymer, Global Strategic Portfolio Director for Testing, Sogeti

Length: 49 min

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