Data, data everywhere – Untapping the potential of Cognitive Document Processing

Data, data everywhere – Untapping the potential of Cognitive Document Processing

A TECHFLIX on-demand webinar. A mortgage applicant typically fills in up to 14 documents. Handwritten cheques are still used by many older customers. Approvals for loans, claims, healthcare provision, and more are often rejected due to document processing errors. Sound familiar? It’s time to rethink document processing.

Organizations in diverse industries are struggling with the staggering amount of documentation they generate and receive. Whether structured or unstructured documents, such as contracts, letters and emails, there’s simply too much to handle. This threatens regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction.

That’s not all. While digital documents are accepted as the norm, the sheer volume of paper documentation is still damaging many companies’ environmental footprint. And all documentation, both digital and paper, still requires a level of manual effort to process. This slows down the end-to-end process journey, often taking months for a customer to complete what they set out to do.

This episode will discuss:

  • How to leverage unstructured information and turn it into a great customer experience
  • The technology and service options available for automating document processing
  • How leveraging cognitive capabilities, including artificial intelligence (AI), reduces errors, speeds up the end-to-end process, and cuts the cost of processing
  • Automation use cases for document-heavy processes, such as customer onboarding, claims processing, and contract evaluation.


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Neta Haiby, Azure AI Principal Product Manager, Microsoft
Mari Oost, Global CTO Analytics & AI, Sogeti
Arun Sahu, Manager AI & Machine Learning, Sogeti

Length: 43 min

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