Look who’s talking... What is NLP & why is it important?

Look who’s talking... What is NLP & why is it important?

Is Natural Language Processing (NLP) ready for mainstream? Major breakthroughs since late 2019 have encouraged more organizations to implement NLP solutions. But what potential business value does NLP offer and where exactly does it stand amidst the AI revolution we are witnessing?

Can you really have a natural conversation with your computer? We’ve come a long way since the 1950s when the seeds of NLP were sown. At that time, innovative ideas around linguistics were being generated, but without today’s computational power and data volumes. Today, we have both the power and the data. And that’s changed everything.

NLP is already entrenched in many of our lives. Who hasn’t used Google Translate to understand text written in an unfamiliar language? And with each new technological breakthrough, the business case for NLP becomes clearer and clearer.

This episode will ask:

  • What is NLP and how do you start using it?
  • Is NLP the ‘final frontier’ of machine intelligence – speeding up the development of AI?
  • Has NLP matured enough to really understand my intentions?
  • How does the democratization of the growing body of text data enable faster speeds to market with new ideas, scientific discoveries, products, etc?
  • What is truly possible when we find the new balance between what humans and machines can do?


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Paul Verhaar, Lead Data Scientist, Sogeti

Length: 47 min

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