Quality for DevOps Teams: Studio recording

Quality for DevOps teams: Studio recording with the authors

Here you will get insights into the "Quality For DevOps teams" book directly from the authors. Have a look exactly when it suits you. Enjoy!

In this video recording you will meet the authors behind the book; Rik Marselis (Principal Quality Consultant at Sogeti), Berend van Veenendaal (Expert Backend Developer at Sogeti), Dennis Geurts (Lead Software Architect, Sogeti, NL) and Wouter Ruigrok (Agile Quality Coach, DevOps Coach). They will tell you all about the content of the book and how it can help your organization and your teams. 


Feel free to reach out at any time to us if you want to know more or discuss the content of the book. 

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"Quality for DevOps teams"
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  • Rik Marselis
    Rik Marselis
    Co-Author Quality for DevOps teams
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  • Gautam Reddy
    Gautam Reddy
    National Digital Assurance & Testing Lead
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