TECHFLIX 2 Episode 1

From improvisation to continuous change – Are you adjusting for new ways of doing business, right now?

A TECHFLIX on-demand webinar. There’s no doubt about the urgent need to embrace digital has been clearly highlighted by COVID19. Having successfully improvised to enable new ways of working at the outbreak of the pandemic, companies must now quickly adjust to the new reality. How? With new digital tools and business models in a digital workplace.

The 2020 global pandemic has highlighted the importance of being digitally agile, with 86% of consumers saying they’ve changed their behavior as a direct result of it. Even companies born digital have struggled this year, giving more traditional organizations a chance to level the playing field.

As we return to business as </un>usual, those companies that are quick to seize the momentum and adjust how they operate will be the ones that thrive with new business models and digitally-enabled processes.

At Sogeti, we’re applying Microsoft’s technology portfolio to help you reshape your business, able to, find ways to (re)connect with your customers, adjust and create your business apps, Secure your business and data, to apply advanced analytics and automate your business processes for more efficiency.

This episode will focus on the how to reshape your business to become resilient, a crucial element is to enable your teams for this continuous change that we are heading towards.


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Jorik Abspoel, VP & Global Head of Digital, Sogeti
Ananthram Balakrishnan, Global Strategy Lead - Modern Workplace, Microsoft

Length: 38 min

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