The rising need for innovation at speed – Create your Minimum Lovable Product fast

The rising need for innovation at speed – Create your Minimum Lovable Product fast

The most successful companies aren’t interested in what their competitors are doing, they’re focused on what their customers need. They’re seizing the opportunity to leverage data and meet customer demands in innovative ways. How well do you know your customers?

Can you experiment at speed with new technologies? Or meet an insatiable consumer demand for the next ‘big thing’? It’s not easy. Successful innovators start with the business rationale – meeting a specific customer need. They then bring on board the right stakeholders to accelerate decision making and prioritizing. And the innovation journey begins.

Sogeti Thinkubator does all of this – and more. It brings together business and IT in a staged and accelerated innovation approach. The result? A Minimal Lovable Product that taps into customer need and emotion to deliver business value.

Learn how we successfully applied the Thinkubator approach with our clients and what benefits it brought them.

This episode will answer:

  • How does a Minimal Lovable Product differ from a proof of concept
  • What role do pre-existing tools/frameworks play in accelerating innovation?
  • What problems have our clients encountered when experimenting with new tech?
  • How can companies speed up their adoption of innovation?


Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Group
Gerard Doll, Director Vehicle, Regulation and Admission at RDW, the Netherlands Vehicle Authority
Joleen van der Zwan

Length: 45 min

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