John Kao

John Kao

Re-organize for agility.

We're all suddenly aware of how surprises can change markets and the future of organisations. Anticipating change is a competence that is lacking for most organizations. How do we re-organize to become agile? And what can we learn from Jazz musicians?

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About the speaker

john-kao-323x323.pngJohn Kao, Chairman - Institute for Large Scale Innovation

John has made a career out of unpeeling the onion of creativity and innovation. He brings eclectic experience to the question of ‘how’ - teaching at Harvard Business School and the MIT Media Lab, producing feature films and theater, starting high-tech ventures and sharing the bandstand with Frank Zappa and the original Mothers of Invention.

John is a highly sought-after thought leader and self-styled ‘innovation activist. His many published works reflect a diverse career and entrepreneurial mindset.

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