Navi Rajou

Navi Radjou

Re-imagine the conscious society.

What’s the shape of the recovery? The inner work that is needed to recover will lead organizations into new directions. We’re used to concepts like B-to-B and B-to-C, but we really need to focus business-to-society. Learn why by watching the recorded conversation with Navi Radjou. 

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About the speaker

navi-radjou.pngNavi Radjou, Advisor on the Frugal Economy

Navi is an innovation and leadership advisor and bestselling author. His most recent book, Frugal Innovation: How To Do More With Less, published by The Economist in 2015, shows how companies can innovate faster, better, and sustainably in today’s customer-driven global tech economy shaped by climate change.

Bestselling author Navi is an innovation and leadership advisor. Decribing himself as a global citizen, his many published works aim to ignite people’s igenuity, compassion and wisdom.

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