When introducing a new ERP system – SAP – the need for an MES, Manufacturing Execution System, was identified. Information from SAP is needed by the operators and in existing SCADA systems. Performed tasks, used and produced material needs to be reported back to SAP at Erasteels three mills in Sweden in Söderfors, Vikmanshyttan and Långshyttan. Sogeti was appointed the task of creating this solution and the integration to SAP.


The solution has a core consisting of a number of services. Each service has a well-defined purpose and works autonomously. This modularity makes it easy to add functionality by creating new services. The system also includes automatic reporting. For workplaces where reporting takes place directly in the existing SCADA systems this data is gathered and handed to SAP in requested format. Label printing and scanning is also included in the system. 


With the integrated solution, the need of an operator information and reporting interface is fulfilled. Information from Erasteel ERP is available to operators and is transmitted to connected SCADA systems. This has led to traceability of production information both within and between the mills. Production reports can easily be extracted using the reporting tool. The system has been deployed on all three Erasteel mills in Sweden with good results and a satisfied customer.


  • Bengt Löwenhamn
    Bengt Löwenhamn
    National Lead, Digital Manufacturing at Sogeti Sverige AB
    070-64 99 315

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