Enter cloud-enabled app modernization

Unlock the benefits of your technology in an evolving landscape of modern applications

Enter cloud-enabled app modernization, which brings agility, efficiency, and security that aligns with modern business requirements. By adopting advanced cloud-based solutions, such as containerization and serverless computing, businesses can readily adapt to market changes and scale their operations. It streamlines technical complexity into a more manageable and responsive infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Unlock the benefits of your technology in an evolving landscape of modern applications.

Gone are the days of following a set maturity model – today's business world is simply too fast for that. These models often give a false sense of completion, causing companies to lose sight of ongoing innovation and growth. True growth keeps evolving; it doesn't just stop when you reach your goal. It's important to constantly refine and enhance your operations, focusing on achievable and relevant objectives that genuinely impact your success.

Sogeti and Microsoft have been strategic partners for more than 25 years. Together to demonstrate the strength in our technical alignment we bring you the latest eBook: ‘Start in control and stay in control – five cloud native adoption principles for enterprises’. This eBook will serve as your actionable guide through this landscape. We're here to show you that modernization is a continuous journey, not a destination. Whether you are just starting out on your modernization process or have already made progress, this eBook will provide you with the tools and insights you need to make informed decisions and take meaningful actions.

The eBook, created in partnership with Microsoft, proposes five key principles for effectively embracing cloud technology:

  1. Innovation over IT: This emphasizes the importance of innovation in business over simply increasing IT capabilities. How you can infuse generative AI capabilities into your applications and improve the natural way they interact with users and data while the software development lifecycle is dramatically augmented by AI-assisted programming. By being adaptable and choosing the right drivers for change, businesses can see benefits across their organization – not just financial gains, but also in terms of customer satisfaction, employee morale, and customer retention.
  2. Governed control: The second principle advises on establishing control through policies. By setting up a client-centric, platform-based IT organization, businesses can ensure they have a solid foundation to build on without needing to start from scratch for every project. Regularly updated rules mean staying in control without limiting flexibility.
  3. Cloud-native foundation: The third principle is about building on a cloud-native foundation, which is seen as the best practice. This means embracing cloud-native methods as a standard part of business operations to make the most of what the cloud offers.
  4. Security and compliance: This principle stresses the importance of maintaining consistency, security, and compliance throughout the process. It is essential to embed these elements into the fabric of your operations.
  5. Adaptability and scalability: Lastly, we encourage businesses to build systems that are adaptable and scalable. This involves anticipating changes and scaling up as needed, with technologies like serverless computing that allow businesses to stay focused on their goals without getting tied down by the underlying infrastructure.

Our three key takeaways

We've outlined three essential takeaways from our eBook. As you explore these, you'll find actionable steps you can use to stay on top of the ever-evolving world of cloud – steps that Sogeti and Microsoft have mapped out together to help you succeed.

The comprehensive DevSecOps lifecycle

Our eBook goes beyond the traditional CI/CD pipeline to introduce a comprehensive DevSecOps lifecycle. At Sogeti, we understand that CI/CD is the backbone of DevOps, seamlessly integrating developers and IT operations. But there's a broader context here — Continuous Architecture (CA), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), and Continuous Testing (CT) are all critical components. We'll guide you through each aspect, showing how they underpin and enhance the CI/CD methodology and ensure a more robust and sustainable approach to software deployment.

Strategies for success with Sogeti and Microsoft

Our eBook pulls together the top insights and practices from Sogeti and Microsoft, built up over five years, to give you a solid foundation in cloud adoption. Think of it as a concentrated dose of our best thinking and experiences, all aimed at helping you make the most of cloud technologies. This isn't about starting from scratch. It's about improving on what you already have, using tried-and-true methods that work.

Download our eBook today and take the first step towards a future-proof, innovative, and controlled environment for your business. It will help you start in control and stay in control.