Learn from our cloud expert Kim Berg at Swetugg

Swetugg is a two day conference by .NET developers, for .NET developers in Gothenburg.

kalendar den 26 oktober 2023 08:00 - den 27 oktober 2023 17:00
kalendar Lindholmen Conference Centre, Lindholmspiren 5, 417 56 Göteborg

Kim Berg, Cloud Solution Architecht at Sogeti will attend as a speaker during the conference, sharing his thoughts and knowledge on the topic: Productionize machine learning on Azure

"Machine learning has become more and more used by companies, testing use-case and trying to find value. But it´s hard to get Machine learning projects to production and this is where companies struggles the most. The accelarator that I'll show you makes that easier as it's including turnkey MLOps and AutoLake among other things."

Kim Berg 
Cloud Solution Architecht at Sogeti. Started the IT career as an operations technician hosting data centers, but found my love for the cloud around six years ago. Started specializing within Azure and the passion grew. Contributor to Enterprice Scale Machine Learning on Azure and helping development teams building microservices. 

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