TestExpo™ 2023

TestExpo Sweden 2023

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TestExpo Sweden 2023 was fully booked when arranged in Stockholm, September 14th.


About TestExpo Sweden 2023

Imagine if there was a meeting place for everyone who has Testing and Quality Assurance as a common denominator. Where there is a 100% focus on meeting IRL, mingling and in an inspiring way testing not only the latest testing tools, but trying out everything from Metaverse and Chat GPT to chocolate, beer, chili peppers, champagne or black box testing, just because it's fun. We at Sogeti have created such a meeting place for you – TestExpo Sweden!

At Sogeti, we live and breathe Testing and Quality Assurance and have done since forever. In this digital era, Testing and Quality Assurance are more important than ever. New applications and functionality must be launched faster, and agile working methods require greater focus on Quality Engineering & Testing than ever before. We want to put the focus on all heroes, who just like us love testing in all forms, and create a meeting place that is enjoyable, vibrant and boosts networking. Therefore, we have decided to launch Sogeti's event TestExpo also in Sweden.

We want to turn the traditional way of arranging events upside down. Instead of passively listening to speakers for a couple of hours, we want to provide you with an energy-filled meeting place, where you can mingle and try on a lot of different things, both new technology and smart testing tools, but also playfully test other things that tickle your taste buds and curiosity.

Moreover, you will have direct access to some of our sharpest experts both worldwide and nationally outside of the meeting place that is the center of our event. And no, you don't have to join us at a certain time. Just drop-in and drop-out, as it suits you.

Stay for a while or mingle throughout the afternoon and network with both new and existing contacts. Also present are our experts behind Testpodden – Fredrik Scheja and Jonas Jaani – who will broadcast live during the event

A  cicerone can be found in the center of our meeting place providing tips on activities, mingling around and trying out what can be tested in our booths, just like you, visible on a big screen. During the afternoon, we will also gradually announce the winners in another Swedish premiere – TestExpo Awards Sweden and its 4 categories – an award that we have created to boost, highlight and give love to Sweden's testers – a large group of incredibly important and far too invisible key people who create the success of the future. Today. We hope you find this exciting, different, and fun!  

Is this you? 

So could TestExpo Sweden be a meeting place for you? Of course, our meeting place has something for everyone, regardless of role.  

Perhaps you are a CEO, CIO or Quality Manager who understands or wants to understand more about the value of testing and quality assurance for your business and want to meet top notch Testing experts or possible future employees.  

Maybe you are a Tester, Testing Manager, Testing Architect, AI Tester, Test Automation expert or have another specific expertise in Testing and Quality Assurance and long to mingle with your peers and test/try on both cool, new technology or fun stuff.

Maybe you are new or pretty new in the IT/Tech sector, considering a career in Testing and Quality Assurance and want to be inspired and build your network at the speed of light.




TestExpo Sweden 2023 was fully booked when arranged in Stockholm, September 14th.


About the Experts at TestExpo Sweden

Meet and interact with some of our sharpest minds globally and nationally at TestExpo Sweden. They are more than happy to share their knowledge. 

Each expert will cover a specific topic during our event so that you can pinpoint the right expert to connect with. This is a great opportunity for you to reinforce your network and from that day forward have a direct line to the experts of your choice. 

Meet the experts

Below you will find a short introduction to each one of them, their main topic during the event and the most frequent questions they get on their specific topic.  

How you can test faster and more efficient with smart quality solutions 

Mark Buenen is the global leader for Quality Engineering & Testing at Sogeti and the entire Capgemini Group. He pro-actively drives the evolution of testing services to stay ahead of the evolving client expectations. He has more than 20 years of international experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance covering key areas such as business-driven Test Management, structured Test Methodology, Test Automation and Test Accelerators, global delivery, transparent KPI's and SLA's, defined testing services for projects, continuous improvement, and transformation from Test Center to Quality Center. He also works on risk-sharing commercial models for testing and on solutions that demonstrate the strategic value of testing to senior management. He is one of the authors of the World Quality Report since 2013.

Frequently asked questions to Mark:

1) How can we develop faster without jeopardizing quality?
2) What can we do to be more successful in test automation? 
3) How can we optimize complex end-to-end testing? 
4) What new skills are relevant for quality and test engineers? 
5) How will Quality and Testing evolve in the near future?

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GenAI applied to QE&T 

Antoine Aymer, Global CTO in Quality Engineering at Sogeti, is a seasoned leader in the technology industry with a deep understanding of market trends and innovations. Known for leading the 2022 research "State of AI applied to Quality Engineering & Testing", he's a passionate advocate for AI's potential in enhancing software quality. With significant contributions to publications like the “2019 Continuous Testing Report” and the “Mobile Analytics Playbook”, and over 100 global presentations, Antoine aims to empower software practitioners. His tenure at Mercury Interactive and Hewlett Packard has solidified his reputation as a force for agility in the industry. An MBA holder and believer in "Digital Happiness", Antoine's leadership is marked by continuous learning and a collaborative spirit. 

Frequently asked questions to Antoine:

1) What are the potential use cases of Generative AI in Quality Engineering & Testing (QE&T)? 
2) How can we ensure that the generated prompts for Generative AI are effective and yield the desired results? 
3) What are the resource requirements for implementing Generative AI in QE&T? 
4) What are the potential benefits of using Generative AI in QE&T? 
5) How can we address concerns around ethics and bias in Generative AI applied to QE&T?

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Quality Engineering vs Testing

Rik Marselis is principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a highly regarded presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach who supported many organizations and people in improving their quality engineering & testing practice by providing useful tools & checklists, practical support and having in-depth discussions. He was recently honored with the prestigious EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of software testing. Rik is an accredited trainer for TMAP, ISTQB and TPI certification training courses, but also, he has created and delivered many bespoke workshops and training courses. He is the chairman of the TMAP special interest group. Rik is a fellow of Sogeti’s global expert hub SogetiLabs. These R&D activities result in presentations, books, white-papers, articles, podcasts and blogs about IT in general and Quality Engineering & Testing in particular. He is a co-author of the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps Teams” and contributor to the www.TMAP.net body of knowledge for Quality Engineering & Testing. 

Frequently asked questions to Rik:

1) How can we implement quality engineering in our organization? 
2) Should all team members in a modern IT delivery team be able to test? 
3) What tools do we need for quality engineering & testing? 
4) How does quality engineering contribute to continuous improvement? 
5) Should we automate the execution of all test cases? 

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SAP Quality Engineering  

Pepijn Paap is a quality man at heart who earned his stripes as a Test Manager. He is Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Lead Consultant for ERP/SAP Quality Engineering. He is experienced in coaching, advising, training, planning, managing, leading, and coordinating large and complex global SAP (HANA) /ERP test projects such as implementation, upgrades, migrations, test and automation. His passion for SAP Quality Engineering brought him all around the globe, participating in appealing projects for a wide range of appealing companies. He is the co-founder of the "TMAP: Quality Engineering for SAP" certification. 

Frequently asked questions to Pepijn:

1) How involved are your key users in testing your SAP processes?
2) How is your project or support team handling SAP test data? Should you treat your SAP test data the same for manual and automated testing?
3) What challenges are you facing managing your complete E2E business processes?
4) Your S/4 migration is upcoming and moving to the Cloud, are all your stakeholders involved, engaged, and supporting the change? How is your quality embedded in your S/4 migration/ implementation?
5) Which team is responsible for overall quality of business assurance for SAP solutions/ end-to-end testing?

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Testing vs transformation – Testing & QA in a changing world

Fredrik Scheja is an experienced Testing and Quality Assurance Advisor, with practical experience from a large number of test assignments.  Fredrik is a verification and validation professional with a unique interest in test methodologies and software quality. Fredrik possesses an enthusiastic personality and loves to improve himself continuously in his profession together with people and organizations around him. He is an experienced conference speaker and course/seminar leader on various test topics. Fredrik aim is to show that testing is fun and useful, and it is all about gathering and presenting valuable system information to our various stakeholders. 

Frequently asked questions to Fredrik:

1) How to tackle increasingly complex systems? 
2) How to navigate in large and tangled development organizations? 
3) How to stay professionally relevant in the long run? 
4) How to establish a culture of continuous learning? 
5) What tools are available for us that are relevant in an ever-changing world?

Testing and quality in an agile setting – Delivering the value the business needs

Eva Holmquist has more than thirty-two years of professional IT experience, working as a Programmer, Project Manager and at every level of the testing hierarchy from a Tester through Test Manager. She has also worked with test process improvements and in test education as a teacher and with the development of courses including a Swedish ISTQB Foundation certification course and TMAP Training - Quality for cross-functional teams. She's also an experienced speaker, for instance she talked about the role of the Test Manager in the new digital landscape at TestForum 2021, and she's the author of the book ”Praktisk mjukvarutestning” (Software Testing in Practice). Eva works as a Senior Test Specialist at Sogeti helping clients improve their testing practices using her broad experience in system development, process improvements, and education.

Frequently asked questions to Eva:

1) Do you really need testers in an agile team? 
2) How can we include business experts early despite the fact that the application isn’t finished?  
3) How can we tell if we’re ready to deploy? 
4) Everything is working when we’re testing, but as soon as we deploy something goes wrong with one of the integrations. How can we find those problems earlier? 
5) We’re testing each user story, but we still find too many bugs. What can we do to find the bugs in our tests?


Artificial Intelligence Quality Framework – Responsibly working with AI from a test and quality perspective 

Marcus Norrgren has worked with various software projects and products the last 15 years, from large enterprise setting to being part of creating, launching and building a SaaS product from scratch. Marcus’s passion lies in exploring uncertainty, meeting customers and users and working closely with various teams to build a trusting and positive culture. The last couple of years, Marcus has worked with Data and AI projects at Sogeti, from definition of goals and purpose to execution and delivery of projects, with a strong focus on quality. His background has been within multiple roles, such as Product Manager, Director, Testing and Sales/Marketing Manager. In 2023, Marcus took on the role as Portfolio Lead for Data & AI at Sogeti Sweden. 

Frequently asked questions to Marcus:

1) How do you know if your model is performing well? 
2) Will our work with AI be in vain when AI becomes regulated? 
3) How can we show that we develop and use AI responsibly? 
4) How can we know our AI solutions are stable and provide an even, predictable quality outcome? 
5) Are there differences in quality and testing work depending on phases and maturity of model and solutioning? What are they?

How you can use immersive tech to simulate testing grounds 

Henrik Rendahl, National Cloud & DevOps Lead at Sogeti Sweden, started his career as an infrastructure specialist during the emergence of TCP/IP, interconnected networks, advanced routing and then finally the Internet. When he saw the signs of this change, he left the world of local area networks and started the move to web technologies instead, and later went into the wonderful world of databases, integrations, and Cloud Technologies. Henrik has been involved in a wide variety of Cloud projects since then, but the golden thread is still his passion for data. Henrik still does some deliveries as Cloud Solution Architect, and he loves innovating. That ranges from personal experiments to huge workshops and hackathons. Henrik is also part of the global Sogeti initiatives Sogeti Labs and Sogeti Lead Technologist. Another area Henrik highlight as often as possible is the power of making tech available to everyone, a.k.a. democratization of technology. 

Frequently asked questions to Henrik:

1) What are the benefits of doing a virtual simulation? 
2) What kind of skills and hardware are required? 
3) How can I test a digital environment with the help of AI?  
4) How can I use generative AI to simplify content creation? 
5) How do the Metaverse, Digital Twins and Large Language Models relate to immersive tech?









  • Magnus Loveman
    Magnus Loveman
    Quality Engineering & Testing Lead, Sweden
    +46 70 207 33 60

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  • Åsa Uppströmer
    Åsa Uppströmer
    Branch Manager, Stockholm
    072-450 66 13

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  • Daniel Lindström
    Daniel Lindström
    Team Manager, Stockholm
    +46 76 102 25 34
  • Johan Lasson
    Johan Lasson
    Team Manager, Stockholm
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