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Playing with Reality #4: "The Metaverse Roadmap"

We all know, the online world today is not as it once was. It is filled with avatars, deep fakes, people playing with their own realities and all kinds of crazy stuff. How right were people’s predictions for the metaverse of the future in the mid-2000s? And what were the early incarnations of the metaverse truly like? Find out on this episode of Playing with Reality.

Join our host Menno Van Doorn, Research Director at Sogeti, where he explores the past and present of the metaverse, to get a broad view of where it is going in the future, with industry experts, Jochen Hummel and Philip Rosedale

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Jochen Hummel is an entrepreneur, director and mentor with a background in coding. In 2006, he founded the company Metaversum, which he led until 2010. Since then, he has worked in various other domains in the tech space, and is now the CEO of Coreon & ESTeam - a Multilingual AI and LangOps platform.  

Philip Rosedale is a serial entrepreneur who founded Linden Lab in 1999. After leaving Linden Lab in 2010, Philip started High Fidelity, a company which is developing a next-generation virtual reality platform. In 2007, Philip was included in Time Magazine's '100 Most Influential People in The World', and has won various other awards for his work in inventing groundbreaking technology. 

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