Podcast Playing with Reality

Podcast: 2022 in Tech

What were the most exciting tech innovations of 2022? And what do we predict will take the mantle in 2023? Find out on this week’s episode of Playing with Reality.

2022 has been an exciting and turbulent year for tech. From the explosion of the metaverse into the public consciousness, to the FTX crash and the emergence of AI in the creative space, the world’s top companies have led the way in innovating products that are truly changing the digital world. But what were the most surprising trends of the year? And what will next year hold? In this, the final episode of the first season of Playing with Reality, we focus on the most exciting developments in the metaverse and AI to create a full picture of the year in technology, before looking ahead to 2023.

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Today’s Guests

Tijana Nikolic

TijanaNikolić is an AI specialist at Sogeti with a diverse background in biology, marketing, and IT. In 2020, she was part of the team behind the Artificial Data Amplifier, the winner of the Sogeti Innovation of the year. Her work covers privacy, quality, ethics, and sustainability, in the AI space.


Mike Buob

Mike Buob is the Vice President of Sogeti, and has been part of the company for 17 years. Amongst many other things, he’s a Metaverse expert, and is really passionate about the power of immersive technologies, and positioning Sogeti as the leaders in thinking about the most exciting trends coming round the corner.



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