Playing with Reality #9: The Remarkable World of AI-Enabled Healthcare

Podcast: The Remarkable World of AI-Enabled Healthcare

AI's generative models are having huge and varied effects across industries. But the healthcare sector is certainly reaping the benefits. Find out on this episode of Playing with Reality: The Remarkable World of AI-Enabled Healthcare.

AI helps in drug discovery, enhances efficiency in medicine, and assists in fighting COVID-19. However, concerns remain about doctors' reliance on AI for diagnoses and its impact on hypochondriacs. What lies ahead for AI in healthcare? 

Join our hosts Menno Van Doorn and Tijana Nikolic, who are in conversation with Deepa Mamtani and Aaron Morris.

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Today’s Guests

Mamtani and Aaron Morris, our guests speakers for episode 2: 

Deepa Mamtani leads Sogeti’s AI Centre of Excellence in the Netherlands, and together with her team, develops AI solutions using deep neural networks, GANs and computer vision. With a multi-disciplinary consulting background in strategy, analytics and data science, she is passionate about analysing and leveraging data and translating them into strategic outcomes.

Aaron Morris is the co-founder and CEO of PostEra, a company building an end-to-end medicinal chemistry platform to advance drug discovery. After working in the financial sector, Aaron saw the limiting nature of drug discovery in biotech companies and pharma. So, he set up a company to help in the early stages of drug discovery and improve efficiency, using AI to do so.  

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