TechnoVision 2022

Trends for CIOs and tech practitioners

The recent past has been characterized by a period of unexpected and unprecedented change – and the future will bring further transformation, whether that’s through a move to edge computing, the rise of the data mesh or the introduction of intelligent automation.

TechnoVision-2022-cover-300x424.pngMore is demanded now, with a need to respond faster than ever before. For CIOs, these demands can be daunting: to know what to do, where to go, and how to adapt, all for the benefit of the organization.

TechnoVision is our annual guide to making the most of emerging trends in technology and business. The 2022 edition will help you gain a competitive advantage as you lead your organization on its journey towards becoming a successful Technology Business.

TechnoVision 2022: Being like water

Every business is now a Technology Business. Technology needs to be embraced and utilized throughout the organization, regardless of business unit, activity, or individual role.

While CIOs have the power to be advocates for change, they cannot afford to work in isolation. Technology and business operations have become so entwined that digital transformation becomes seamless.

TechnoVision 2022 shows how successful CIOs will adjust their technology and innovation strategy to the challenges and opportunities they encounter, transforming business and technology in a continuous flow. It is time for actively “Being Like Water”.

As they flow from one challenge to the next, CIOs will still focus on customer-first experiences and effective operations, but they will also work with colleagues across the organization to develop tech-led business models that help their companies excel.

They will combine this adaptivity and responsiveness with a renewed interest in sustainability, using technology trends to innovate, adapt, and achieve corporate and societal goals. Rather than rip and replace, successful CIOs will look to recycle and reuse.

TechnoVision 2022 gives CIOs the knowledge they need

The successful exploitation of technology is now a group effort. To allow their businesses to make the most of emerging systems and services, CIOs must draw on a wide pool of expertise – and this is where TechnoVision shines.

Designed in an accessible and playful way, TechnoVision 2022 describes 37 technology trends – based on the contributions of Capgemini experts from around the world, from many different domains.

TechnoVision 2022 brings fresh thinking to address the technology business issues that you and your IT team face today. This year’s edition contains inspiring use cases and stories that underpin each trend.

TechnoVision categorizes 37 technology trends into six well-defined containers. From user experience and collaboration, via data and process automation, all the way to infrastructure and applications, these containers provide a snapshot of innovation and allow you and your business colleagues to see what’s coming next.

A seventh container offers a series of overarching design principles, so you can think about how you and your business will apply the trends and create transformational impact.

Helping you to help your business

TechnoVision 2022 brings fresh thinking to address the key technology business issues of today, and it should help you design, plan, and get the future you want.

It is your guide to what’s coming next, but we also recognize that technology trends are in a constant state of flux.

As a continuation of TechnoVision 2022, we’re planning for a steady release of Sector Playbooks throughout the year that show the impact of technology trends and industry-specific opportunities.

CIOs have a once-in-a-generation chance to help their organizations improve its operations, delight its customers and create a brighter, more sustainable future. Let us help you and your business to flow in the right direction.

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