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At Sogeti you work with 1200 brilliant sogetians all over the country, and in total we are 20,000 in 13 countries around the world. If you are interested in tapping up your career, Sogeti is the right employer for you.

Master thesis

Is it time to start thinking about your thesis or essay on a C-level? At Sogeti, you will have a tutor who supports you during your work, while you get a great insight into what you can do with us. 

Trainee program: Sogeti Careerbooster 

careerbooster2019_200.pngAre you new to the IT sector and are thinking about what area you should bet on moving forward to boost your career? Then Sogeti Careerbooster is a program for you. Sogeti Careerbooster is a 10-week trainee program. It contains an intensive educational kickstart of 9 weeks, a few days off now and then and you will also join our introduction course to get to know Sogeti. As a Careerbooster we provide you with a employment contract with a competetive salary from day one. The majority of the educational sessions are run in Swedish. We select hot areas of expertise within IT and are looking for forward-leaning participants to the Sogeti Careerbooster tracks. 

The next Sogeti Careerbooster edition starts in January, 2023. Read more here.

Current opportunities



We are honored that you would like to have an internship at Sogeti! At the moment we have no open internships, but as soon as we do you will be able to apply for internships here! 

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