Effective investment in generative AI for marketing

Effective investment in generative AI for marketing

While 60% of organizations reported implementing or actively exploring generative AI in marketing as of October 2023, nearly 80% allocated budget to integrate it into their marketing initiatives in 2024 or expressed plans to do so. Is your marketing organization primed to take advantage of this technology?

Generative AI is changing the face of marketing. From creating highly personalized content to determining the optimal connection points with customers and even generating new insights and creative ideas, this technology is fundamentally changing the way content is created and distributed. 

In our recent point of view, Effective investment in generative AI for marketing, we explore this phenomenon in greater detail and look at the steps marketing organizations are taking to unlock the advantages of this technology today, while also positioning them to access the full range of benefits that will expand across the content lifecycle as more adoption barriers fall.

Key insights

  • Closing the content gap: Find out how marketing organizations can leverage GenAI to support the exponential increase in content creation without compromising quality or increasing costs.
  • Enabling a truly personalized content strategy: Explore how embedding GenAI through the content lifecycle can not only help create highly relevant and meaningful interactions but also ensure messages are delivered to the right person, at the right time via the preferred channel.
  • Leveraging data to amplify outputs: Discover how organizations can use traditional and generative AI to layer real-time customer insights over their historical data to devise an individualized content strategy.
  • Laying the digital foundation to drive value: Examine how to establish a robust foundation conducive to AI integration, considering factors such as change management, copyright and brand integrity, data management, sustainability, and software composability, to effectively capitalize on the value of this technology.

While it is clear that GenAI is going to change the face of marketing, most organizations understand that this transformation will not be without its challenges. To help organizations understand how to strategically integrate GenAI while also addressing adoption risks, we have included a comprehensive toolkit in our POV that offers practical guidance for selecting GenAI tools, creating a pilot framework, managing legal issues, and more.

Download our POV now to learn more about how GenAI is revolutionizing this industry, and how your organization can take advantage of this emerging technology now and in the future.

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