TechnoVision 2023-24: public sector edition

TechnoVision 2023-24: Public sector edition

Technology is advancing all around us. But will it bring the future we want? Discover our annual guide to the technology trends that are transforming the public sector.

Right the technology, write the future.
As technology continues to influence every sector and geography, the public sector seeks strategies to tackle disruptions, improve outcomes, and enhance the experiences of both citizens and employees. And often with scarce resources for the task.

Since both technology and the public sector touch all our lives, this report is relevant to each one of us.

TechnoVision 2023-24: Public Sector, our third annual playbook, delves into cutting-edge technology and business trends from our main TechnoVision 2023-24 report. It unveils opportunities for the public sector to address today’s challenges in new ways and get the future we want.

Technology trends. Invaluable expertise. Actionable insight.
In this report, we bring you stories from around the world to highlight public sector innovation that improves people’s lives. Whether it is about building a more inclusive society, conserving energy and mapping GHG emissions, or automating bureaucratic processes – we aim to go beyond and focus on building smart cities, building resilient and flexible structures that inspire the ongoing evolution towards the future, and more.

Our accessible, well-structured, actionable TechnoVision framework describes a total of 37 technology trends – based on the contributions of Capgemini experts all around the world. There is something here for everybody, whether you are an IT expert looking for the serendipity of unexpected angles, or a tech-curious businessperson wanting to understand the buzz.

TechnoVision brings you fresh thinking to address the technology business issues of today – and will help you design, plan, and ultimately, write the future you want.

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