Gautam Reddy

"By the end of the day I'm filled with knowledge and questions"

The day Gautam Reddy discovered Transition Management, he also achieved his dreams. He compares it to a roller coaster ride and is thankful for all the travelling opportunities it has given him. Today he is also happy to announce Stockholm as his second home.

Gautam ReddyDescribe yourself in 3 words:
Structured, Positive, Energetic

Tell us a little bit about your background:
Being from Mumbai, life has always been fast paced. I completed my Bachelors of Engineering from Mumbai University and from then on it has been more than eight years of work experience. I started my career being a technical geek - Network Engineer, TWS Administrator, but I soon realized that my real passion was in people management. Within six months I got my first opportunity to lead a small team of five and I can sure say that my passion has not let me down.

Your careers at Sogeti:
The journey with Sogeti started during autumn 2010 as a TWS Administrator, it didn't take long to understand Sogeti ecosystem and the world of opportunities it had to offer, soon a transformation idea begun. Within a short span, I was given an opportunity to try out different roles as per my desires. This time it was as a Business Analyst for one of our clients in France.

My transformation didn’t end there, the experience being a BA was great but it was still not what I expected it to be. Then came the role which I wished for in my dreams, Transition Management. The role can be compared to a roller coaster ride; you will get almost the same feeling while executing a Transition project - calm to begin with, sudden adrenaline rush, no time to react, no chance for failure, excitement, etc. It has also given me lot of opportunities to travel around the world and I am happy to announce Stockholm as my second home.

What are you most passionate about within your area of expertise?
Knowledge: Being a consultant, I have great opportunity to learn. When I mean learn, it is not limited to only technical or business knowledge but on a wider aspect.
Limelight: You have to be very delivery oriented and keep achieving milestones expected from your clients in all given situations
Challenges: Take it as it comes and achieve the results for our clients
Appreciation: Acknowledgement of work from clients

How can a regular day at work look like?
Walking towards one of the trendiest buildings in Stockholm, Swedbank Head Quarters gets you geared up for the day. Usual day starts with lot of constructive meetings and decisions to keep moving ahead. The fun part is to meet so many new Business and IT colleagues every day and hear their thoughts, by the end of the day I am filled with a lot of knowledge and questions. Google and colleagues help me a lot to understand business jargons which I am not so used to.

Coffee and Fruit Breaks always helps and you quite often get to catch people who are always running away from your questions. My manager keeps testing my Swedish skills and I quite often disappoint him, hehe

Why do you work for Sogeti?

  1. World of Opportunities
  2. Strong Values: Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Team Spirit, Modesty and most important element “FUN”
  3. Managers, who want you to excel and help reach your goals
  4. Work Life Balance

  • Gautam Reddy
    Gautam Reddy
    Project Manager
    072-514 10 12

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Name: Gautam Reddy

: Project Manager

Year of birth
: 1985

City where you live
: Stockholm

Soon to be hitched :)

Spare time activities
: Long Walks, Socializing, Sports Enthusiast, Hemnet