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2019 Manufacturing Trend Report

This report from Microsoft Dynamics highlights six emerging trends in manufacturing that will help empower manufacturers to design more intelligent operations and increase the speed of doing business.

Since the start of the First Industrial Revolution, manufacturing has been the force pushing industrial and societal transformation forward. Today, we’re in the midst of another industrial revolution, as a new generation of sophisticated technologies is transforming manufacturing into a highly connected, intelligent, and ultimately, more productive industry. The man-powered shop floor of the past is being replaced by smart manufacturing facilities where tech-savvy workers, aided by intelligent robots, are creating the products of the future.

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution, machinery is outfitted with smart sensors to collect comprehensive, real-time data; artificial intelligence enables superhuman production efficiency and seamless quality assurance; blockchain transactions significantly expand transparency and security; edge computing assures nearly uninterrupted connectivity, and impending 5G speeds allow for ever-larger volumes of data processing from anywhere.

Modern manufacturers are no longer just makers, they are the thread that connects the entire lifecycle of a product, and to thrive in this modern environment, they must increasingly rely upon technology to power breakthrough innovations and drive more intelligent operations.

The 2019 Manufacturing Trend Report from Microsoft Dynamics highlights 6 emerging trends:

  1. IT and OT converge; IT systems merge with operational technologies
  2. The rise of XaaS; Manufacturers evolve their business models
  3. Intelligent manufacturing; Connected intelligent systems make manufacturing smarter
  4. Manufacturing technology evolves; New technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing
  5. Businesses adapt to an evolving workforce; A new generation enters the workforce
  6. Living in the age of uncertainty; Uncertainty puts a strain on businesses

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