Manasi Gaikwad

"I call this my home"

Manasi works as a Client Manager at our Stockholm office and calls Sogeti her home since it has always provided all the support and guidance that she needs to be able to love and live her ambitions. She looks upon us as an arena for great leaders, mentors and colleagues who are always there for her.

Describe yourself with 3 words
Ambitious, Conscientious, Organized.

Tell us a little bit about your background
I am basically from India and possess a bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunication. I have overall 12+ years of IT experience working at offshore and onshore within the Group. It has been 3 years since I moved to Stockholm and started working as Program Manager for a key client.

Describe your carrier at Sogeti
I was hired as a campus recruit in 2008 with opportunity to work on a  Fortune 500 client as a technical developer. There I managed delivery for various customers within different geographies across multiple domains.This experience and exposure helped me scale, learn and try variations at work. Within Group I managed different shades of work/roles as a Technical Analyst, Delivery Lead, Transition Manager, Pre-Sales Representative, Business Analyst and Program Manager. I have successfully executed all projects with OTACE ranking from 4.8 to 5.

Why are you passionate about the field of expertise you are skilled in?
It provides me with opportunity to be close to our customers wherein we understand their business, needs, provide valuable solutions and explore opportunities to grow Sogeti’s business. It also gives me space to drive end-to-end activities. I get completely involved right at all surface levels – Operational to Strategic – to handle issues and challenges which makes it really challenging and interesting to fight through. Every customer is different and so does the level of experience working with them on field. All this results in the possibility to build a strong client relationship and I believe it is a Key for sustaining our business.

What can a regular work day look like?
Well, all regular work days are different depending on how the situation evolves at work. But typically it starts with some morning rituals - yoga, wake-up coffee, team meetings and then the days continue with reporting’s, talking to different stakeholders, discussing issuesa and challenges.  I also prefer to take a break for a walk before I finish my workday.

Why do you work for Sogeti?
I always love to answer this question!  I call this lovely place my home, as it has always provided all the support and guidance for me to be able to love and live my ambitions. Sogeti is not only a company but an arena filled with great leaders, mentors and colleagues who are always there to extend support. You are not bound to your role, in fact you are more then welcome to do what you want to and that you are good at.  It gives me motivation to move ahead in whatever I chose, as I am never alone in the battle. Sogeti  does not believe in hierarchy and showcases and a one team approach.  We not only work, but have fun as well!
Various events to ensure the employees are enjoying their work is also arranged. And at last, but not the least, you are recognized greatly for the work that you do. Sogeti is a Company that focuses on their employees interest and growth!

I started working in the Group as a newbie and got to try different roles, and that  can only happen when a company and its people believe in- and help you with diversified opportunities. I thank both the Sogeti offshore and onshore teams and management for helping me grow and nurture me to the place that I am today. 12 years and still counting, it has been a long journey, but I proudly say YES and love every bit of it.

What are the common denominators for a sogetian?
Passion for work is our DNA, ww are team players, optimistic and posses a "Can do attitude".

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  • Manasi Gaikwad
    Manasi Gaikwad
    Account Executive Manager, Sogeti Stockholm
    076-836 93 30

Name: Manasi Mohan Gaikwad
: Account Executive Manager, Sogeti Stockholm
Year of birth
: 1986
City where you live and work
: Stockholm, Sweden
: Family is based out of Pune city, India. Parents are Ex-Indian Government Employees and siblings, a sister and brother both work for IT Companies.
: Given free time, Learning and teaching new dance forms, Explore places, Photography and Badminton