Quality Engineering & Testing Predictions for 2023

Quality Engineering & Testing Predictions for 2023

One of our Quality Engineering & Testing specialist's, Mark Buenen, have pinpointed five predictions for Quality Engineering & Testing in 2023. Read more about what he has to say about it in this blog.

In 2023, we expect executive teams to turn their focus onto their organization’s journey to Agile DevOps, with the help of the range of new Quality Engineering & Testing.

Quality Engineering and Testing will come under increasing scrutiny in the coming months, as businesses lean on teams to deliver better business results and realize their new IT sustainability goals. Step forward smart automation and VR innovation, says Mark Buenen, Sogeti Global Leader in Quality Engineering & Testing, in his predictions for QE&T in 2023.

Prediction 1:  Leaders will put their organization’s DevOps transition under the spotlight

The transition to Agile DevOps is well underway in many organizations. As a result, leaders outside IT are increasingly aware of the impact of QE&T on business outcomes – especially when it fails.

In 2023, we expect executive teams to turn their focus onto their organization’s journey to Agile DevOps, with the help of the range of new QE&T smart dashboards available from major QE&T technology providers. In turn, many will create new Agile Quality Support teams to work alongside their Agile Quality Engineering function and provide automation, environment and data solutions. The result: the shift to Agile DevOps will accelerate.

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Prediction 2:  Sustainable IT will slide into focus

QE&T has a crucial role to play in helping organizations to make their systems more efficient and less wasteful, by helping them to continuously monitor, validate and measure sustainability.

IT sustainability will be a major concern and a hygiene factor for enterprises in the coming years. In 2023, teams will start the work of identifying system sustainability KPIs – energy and resource efficiency, reusability, modularity, accessibility and more – relevant to their sustainability strategies, ready to implement tracking technologies. Insights learned will enable teams to improve the sustainability performance of their existing systems and inform the design of future solutions.

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Prediction 3:  Smart automation will become embedded

We foresaw the emergence of smart automation solutions back in our predictions for 2020. Smart automation will graduate from proof of concept to real world technology for many organizations in 2023.

Organizations will use smart automation to create self-running and self-healing QE&T solutions, capable of intelligently generating test data and environments and automatically identifying and testing high-priority system elements. This will enable organizations to test more efficiently, with greater confidence in their results – in turn accelerating their digital transformation.

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Prediction 4:  Stronger need for professional quality assurance for Enterprise core systems implementation/upgrades such as SAP, Salesforce, MS Dynamics etc.

We’ve been talking about the continued improvement of test environment and data provisioning for some time. In 2023, provisioning looks set to advance even further, as cloud systems for non-production environments reach higher maturity, enabling easier and more efficient provisioning of environments for feature teams

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Prediction 5:  …And Virtual Reality will take root

Smart automation won’t be the only QE&T technology to gain traction this year. We’ll also see forward-thinking teams experimenting with VR-based digital twin solutions – an innovation that has earned significant interest in the last few years but has yet to fulfill its true potential.

Digital twins are high-fidelity, virtual reality replicas of systems and processes that can be used for accurate, lower cost, lower risk testing of applications and infrastructure. Good news for organizations looking to tighten their testing budgets!

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