Daniel Wredenberg

"Don't rebuild your ERP solution - Kickstart it!"

Sogeti ERP expert Daniel Wredenberg sharing how and why to kickstart your next ERP project.

The new project has been running for a couple of weeks. It's a good atmosphere in the team, but still you feel that it isn't as good as it should be. Until this point you have talked to the key stakeholders and you have learned how they are working in their daily business. But there haven’t been any discussions about future visions and how to work more efficient.

There has been a lot of discussions about requirements, but the requirements are based on how the current system works or how the current processes look like. Not how to best use the comprehensive standard functionality available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations, or how run processes using best-practice.

How would it be if we kickstarted the project talking about the future solution form day one? Sogeti has delivered ERP projects for more than 16 years. During this time, we have accumulated huge amount of knowledge and best practices, and we have always been trying to implement our know-how and experiences into the next project to make it even more successful. Until recently we have lacked the tools necessary to take all our skills and experience in order to create something that we repeatedly and effectively can offer our customers.

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations in the cloud together with investments from Microsoft in Lifecycle Services and Azure DevOps we have been able to create an offering the really takes advantage of all our know-how and best practices. We call this offering Sogeti Kickstart for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Traditionally when you started an ERP project most often the first phase was an analysis phase where you as a customer described your business processes and requirements. Our experience from this was that many times the business processes became a description of how you are working today, not your future vision. And quite often we found that the requirements where more of a wish-list than something that was related to a process or function that could create actual business value in the organization.

To overcome these issues and present a modern way of working we have replaced the analysis phase with a Proof of Concept phase. Why is this good news for you, you might wonder? Let me explain. During the Proof of Concept, we will create and configure a new cloud environment and preload the environment with our best-practice processes. Alongside with this we will also load the environment with a subset of your representative master data. This can for instance be your customers, vendors and products.

The next step in the Proof of Concept phase is to perform a set of Conference Room Pilots where we run through your business processes with our best practice configuration together with your master data. The great benefit using this approach is, to mention a few:

  • You can focus on how to use the full potential in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Unified Operations instead of performing “as-is” analysis.

  • You will get more value from your investment since we start working with the solution from day one instead of investigating the current solution.

  • You will use well-proven Sogeti best-practice processes.

  • Eventual gaps identified during the conference pilots are linked to your business processes and the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Not a “wish list”.

  • During the Conference Room Pilots, we use your data which makes it easier for you to learn the new solution and see how the proposed solution will work.

  • What we are covering during the Conference Room Pilot is what you will get if implementing the solution. That is, what you see is what you get!

  • And perhaps most important of all, the time spent during the implementation project will be significant lower because the work we have done in the Proof of Concept phase.

With our offering, Sogeti Kickstart for Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will be able to kickstart your ERP-project and start building your future solution from day 1!

  • Daniel Wredenskog
    Daniel Wredenskog
    National Dynamics Lead, Sweden
    +46 72 228 74 37

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