"E-learning Strategies for Software Testing Professionals to IoT Testing Professionals"

In this blogpost, our SogetiLabs expert Thomas Auer explains us different e-learning strategies for our software testers.

Recently, I conducted an online survey to evaluate and compare the general learning profile and the role-based learning profile of Software Testing Experts in their individual role. It has been differentiated between the four principal roles in Software Testing: Test Engineer (general), Test Analyst, Test Manager, and Test Automation Engineer.

The VARK model for learners

The survey-based on the VARK questionnaire for students, which has been developed at the end of the 1980s by Neil Fleming. VARK stands for the initial letters of the 4 learning styles Visual, Aural, Read/Write (Verbal) and Kinesthetic. Fleming launched this approach in 1987 in the New Zealand school system. Later it was adopted in several scientific and professional domains.

The following figure shows examples for appropriate learning environments according to the personal learning preference:

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