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"eArchiving Applications"

In the latest blog post, our SogetiLabs expert Per Björkegren talks about the ways to archive the applications that we have been using for a while and simplest way to do so.

To and from during my career the subject of archiving applications that have been replaced are popping up. Usually, there have been few solutions to the issue.

  • Create a data model and migrate the valuable data into it
  • Keep the old application with its data, with a small set of user licenses

Probably there were also dedicated solutions, but they never came across me.

Since last year the question has been raised more often, which is natural as a large number of applications that were built in the late 90:ies and early 00:ies now are reaching the end of life.


Read the entire blog post and interact with Per on the SogetiLabs website.

  • per.bjorkegren
    Per Björkegren
    Chief Enterprise Architect
    070-214 63 18

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