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Holiday Shopping – How do e-Commerce Players Get Ready for the Mad Rush?

Why do e-commerce players need to prepare ahead? One of the fundamental aspects of e-commerce, and retail in general, is that every project and initiative, revolves around the holiday shopping season.

According to online site, the holiday revenue from e-commerce sales has been increasing steadily over the last few years, and is expected to top $80B in the US. (Statista, 2015). Further, according to a recent survey by the US Census Bureau, the percentage of e-commerce sales as compared to overall sales has been steadily increasing in the retail sector and this ratio is expected to favor e-commerce even more, given the trends from the last 10 years (DeNale, Liu, & Weidenhamer, 2015).

In this series of my blog posts, I will outline various aspects of an e-commerce site that need to be analyzed and tuned, to get ready for the upcoming holiday rush. [...]


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