How RPA is transforming CRM & ERP

A lot of manual work goes on when entering data into the CRM and ERP systems. Our SogetiLabs expert Doug Ross asks the companies to consider RPA as to how can it streamline their critical customer-facing processes.

Having deployed more than 4,000 software robots into production environments, our global Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team at Capgemini has visibility into some interesting trends.

One of the most compelling involves the convergence of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms like Salesforce with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) packages such as SAP.

A little bit of background for those new to RPA: software ‘bots’ are not physical robots like those used in manufacturing; they are instead software applications that can replace human-driven activities that are repetitive and rule-based.

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  • Doug Ross
    Doug Ross
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