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Hyper-Convergence in Data Center: Promises and Reality

What can be more addictive than ‘access without constraint’ to information? However, new storage and computing approaches such as real time analytics, data mining, and stream processing are trending topics today.

So, what we cannot, eventually, miss is: The link between all these elements – an essential ‘cement’ that allows to orchestrate these different components of infrastructure in the data center.


  • What about giving access to information without storage?
  • What to do with a volume of data without being able to access it easily?
  • What would be the value if it takes an eternity to gain access to the data/information in the above two situations?

Therefore, we must  CONVERGE these pieces to achieve a coherent picture and deliver value. However, convergence is not enough. We need HYPER-CONVERGENCE! What does it mean?

From a software perspective: An administration console to provide global access to infrastructure in a Public or Hybrid Cloud solution is now called “hyper-convergence.” I think it has been existing for a decade with clustering architecture; but new requirements to streamline ‘access to all information and data’ is a real opportunity for IT . It’s a market that is living a ‘real explosion’ nowadays and specialists in this field are investing a lot to deliver new offers (VMware, Nutanix, etc.) [...]


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