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IT is dead – Long live IT

Few days ago, I was browsing the LinkedIn feeds when my eyes got stuck on yet another new post arguing that: "Offshore Delivery Model was definitely dead" - Whereas, I think it is just booming.

To be honest, I don’t mind if this perspective for ‘Offshore’ is right or wrong. I am tired of hearing a new prediction saying that an IT thing is categorically dead. Not because it’s IT but just because we heard that melody so many times, about so many things. My natural positive attitude drove me to more constructive thoughts. So, I decided to list some of the so-called dead IT topics:

Thin client will kill my Fat PC

When this revolutionary light workplace concept was born in the 90’s, many opinion leaders prophesied the irremediable extinction of the Fat Client in couple of years. Feel free to have a look at the trend of computer sales [...]


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