The DevOper in Beautiful Delivery

The DevOper in Beautiful Delivery

Talking about "Beautiful Delivery", Sogetilabs Fellow Christian Forsberg talks about the role that a DevOper has to play and how it impacts the delivery.

The main responsibility of the DevOper is to create a solid implementation of the end result and make sure that it runs smoothly in operation. The role name comes from the term DevOps, and indicates that this is a developer that makes the implementation, but also takes care of the operations of what he implements. This used to be two separate roles with very drastic differences in approach. The developer usually wants to push for change and implement new and cool features, while the operator works against change to keep things as stable as possible. Both are right, of course, and I think the best compromise is usually achieved when both roles are combined into one person – a DevOper.

Read the entire blog post and interact with Christian on the SogetiLabs website.

  • Christian Forsberg
    Christian Forsberg
    Global Chief Architect, Sogeti/CTO Emerging Tech Capgemini Scandinavia
    070-593 03 18

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