The Real Power of Internet of Things

The speed of the internet is running closely to the speed of light. The Internet of Things can make our environment smarter, but there is one bottleneck, human. They will break the speed in the middle of a scenario.

Humans tend to configure alerts and act based on these alerts which create unwanted bottlenecks in the Internet of Things scenario. It’s like stopping the speed of light and releasing it when the configuration done. Why don’t we trust our machines? Don’t they have all the data and the capabilities to act like we do, and better.

Internet of Things scenarios today are built with a dashboard-first strategy. We start at the device and create a process where the data will be visible at a dashboard. The dashboard is like a first stop, a breather. This is nowadays the point where the data surfaces. We have all our data in no-time. Currently, when the data is visible on the dashboard, we stop the process and start thinking about the continuation. [...]


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