"What test expert do you need for explorative testing"

Exploratory testing essentially depends on the skill sets of the testers. SogetiLabs expert Georg Meinhardt asks us to check out the key skills required for exploratory Testers.

In the last article, I explained the difference between explorative testing and ad-hoc testing. In this article, I will name some skills that are needed and recommend for explorative testing.


There are no hard facts like “if you have 5 years test expertise and you know this and this”, so it isn’t so easy to select the correct testing expert. But we have some stuff to discuss, grey is always more interesting than black and white. For sure it is a benefit if the test expert has test experience e.g. knowing where problems can occur, how important a general function such as login is and so on.

When a test expert test multiple or different systems some different kind of failures are well known and can so be found very easily. If the test expert finds a time zone bug in another project, he will likely search for such an issue again.

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