Power Virtual Agents in a day

Register today for an all-day interactive training to learn how to create Power Virtual Agents. No matter if you are a business expert or IT developer, you will learn to develop intelligent chatbots quickly, in a single day using Power Virtual Agents.

kalendar den 15 mars 2022 09:00 - 17:00
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Power Virtual Agents in a Day is designed to accelerate your Power Virtual Agents (chatbots) and the rest of the Power Platform stack experience with a comprehensive training in a single day led by Sogeti Sweden. 
The training provides practical hands-on experience with Marcus Blennegård and Anders Waller from Sogeti Sweden who are specialized in creating Power Virtual Agents and Power Platform solutions in a full-day of instructor-led chat bot creation workshop. 
You will learn how to build custom virtual agents, connect them to data sources and share them inside your organization securely. 
Simply register here to start learning about building great applications with Power Virtual Agents in this Power Virtual Agent in a Day training event. 



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