The Rise of the Experience Ecology

The Rise of the Experience Ecology

Download SogetiLabs report, "The rise of the Experience Ecology" and read about economical, ecological, and socio-psychological trends. What are the challenges and opportunities for business and society?

In "The Rise of the Experience Ecology," SogetiLabs explore the complex interaction between economic, ecological, and socio-psychological trends. They investigate how these trends lead to new challenges, and opportunities, for business and society, and the revolutionary changes that are needed in the future. In two scenarios, post-growth and eco-modernism are outlined, and the report also places a specific focus on the role of IT in concepts including techno-sobriety, consciousness technology, and 'deep' technology. The report notes that the growing influence of IT on greenhouse gas emissions means that there is an increasingly critical view of the use of information technology.

The report was launched togehter with  the report "The Great AI Experiment" under the theme of Scarcity in Abundance - the two reports describe a future where an abundance of artificial intelligence, and a scarcity of physical resources, coincide (such as water, metals, a stable climate, and biodiversity). The paradox that arises from this presents organizations and society with a major dilemma: using artificial intelligence to stimulate economic growth leads to more scarcity of physical resources. We see both the tumultuous growth of the economy in recent decades, and the recent explosion in the use of AI, as a major social experiment and the reports delve in to the major issues of our time.

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