World InsurTech Report 2019

The World InsurTech Report (WITR) 2019 from Capgemini Group and Efma explores the Insurance marketplace of the future and offers insights into how established insurers and InsurTechs can remain competitive in a dynamic business environment.

world_insurtech_reportcover_200x282.jpg“As the insurance marketplace evolves, insurers will move beyond their traditional role as payers covering customer losses to partners that identify and forecast risk, helping with insurance and related non-insurance needs,” said Anirban Bose, CEO of Capgemini Group’s Financial Services Strategic Business Unit and Group Executive Board member. “To deepen customer relationships, insurers will have to collaborate more with InsurTechs who are already mastering the customer experience by leveraging the most innovative technologies and use of data.”

Insurers will benefit from partnerships with InsurTechs as the marketplace becomes more crowded,” said Vincent Bastid, Secretary General of Efma. “The data shows that insurers and InsurTechs are eager to partner with each other, which will ultimately benefit the customer in the form of more advanced products and services.”

The World InsurTech Report 2019 outlines a new insurance ecosystem with an open marketplace, based on the development of new customer-centric experiences, a structured selection of InsurTechs, and a collaborative go-to-market.

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