#addher awards english 2023

#addher awards 2023

In a true #addher spirit we want to highlight amazing IT & Tech women across Sweden. For the second time we launched #addher awards. Where you could nominate your favorites in one or several of our 5 categories. Together we provide visibility and put the spotlight on Sweden’s IT & Tech women that stand out.

#addher, is a network for women in the IT/Tech industry. It was launched in 2010 by Sogeti and is since 2019 run by Sogeti and sister company Capgemini. The network has grown substantially throughout the years and is today one of Sweden's largest networks for women in the IT/Tech industry. The overall goal of #addher is to get our fantastic IT women to take place, in all roles, make them more visible and to attract more women to our industry.

In  #addher Awards YOU could get involved and contribute to making Sweden's IT/Tech women more visible and in this way provide extra visibility to women who inspire and engage. Both women and men could, of course, nominate one or more women in each category. 

Our 5 nomination categories

ROLE MODEL: An IT/Tech woman who inspires and engages, is generous and lifts others through the motto “seen - heard – acknowledged” and is a strong magnet that attracts women to the IT industry. A role model that many would like to have as a mentor and who has a large network. She can be a leader and is otherwise often an informal leader.
VISIONARY: An IT woman who is always at the forefront of the latest technology. She keeps an eye on trends, maybe even creates them herself. She is innovative, driven and leads others forward. She is often a speaker at events as she can wow her audience and with conviction and passion, paints the future.
VALUEMAKER: An IT/Tech woman who delivers. She is passionate about creating value quickly and is the one who manages to get everyone to take joint responsibility and together achieve goals. She is the one who always rolls up her sleeves and make things happen. She is like water and reaches goals regardless of the obstacles that may appear on the road.
SUPERSTAR: An IT/Tech woman who stands out and whose star shine shines brightly in one or more areas. She is a passionate expert that others want to keep up with and learn from. She may have been in the industry for many years or is an up-and-coming rising star. She is knowledgeable, curious and good at sharing her expertise.
ENERGIZER: An IT/Tech woman, full of energy, who everyone wants to work with. She is a team player who makes everyone happy and have fun at work, or in the project. She is one of those who makes it difficult to change employers because you want her near you. She sparkles, spreads joy and gives positive feedback. She is a social genius who stands out and is visible.

Winners both nationally and locally

Winners are chosen, both nationally and at all of our 18 #addher locations in Sweden. A national jury and a local jury, select winners by category and location. Winners will be announced, both nationally (online event) and at each #addher location (fysical event) in Sweden, on November 30th.

National jury 

A national jury, with participants from various companies and organizations, choosed the winner in each category in the national round. The winners was announced on social media on November 30.

Åsa Zetterberg (Association Director TechSverige)
Therese Sinter (National #addher-driver)
Caroline Segerstéen-Runervik (Head of Market Sweden, Capgemini)
Saga Olausson (Microsoft Tech Girl of the Year 2023)
Johanna Petersson (Executive Search Women Ahead)
Eva Ekedahl (Karriärpodden/Signe/Women for Leaders and EQ Executive Search)
Fanny Widman (Fannys Förebilder podcast/author)

Meet the #addher awards 2022 winners 

Watch the conversation with last years magical, national winners in #addher awards 2022. The conversation is led by Therese Sinter, national #addher driver and she meets Juliana Araújo, Garima Singh, Åsa Klevmarken, Kajsa Westman and Alva Hedqvist.

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  • Therese Sinter
    Therese Sinter
    National #addher Driver, Sweden
    +46 70 361 46 21

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