Sogeti Executive Summit − Malmö

Welcome to a special event, tailored especially for companies and organizations in and around Malmö.

kalendar den 23 maj 2024 14:00 - 20:00
kalendar High Court, Malmöhusvägen 1, 211 18 Malmö

Once a year, in October, we invite selected clients around the world to a two-day’s “Sogeti Executive Summit”, hosted in a different location and country every year. The last Sogeti Executive Summit was held in Cannes, with an overaching theme – Scarcity in Abundance. 

Now we are taking a special edition of our Executive Summit to Malmö. We have picked the cherries from the Cannes event pie and are pleased to invite you to a four hour session, followed by a savory dinner. The event will feature keynote speeches, roundtable discussions where your insights and experiences will be invaluable and as a special treat give you a first sneak peek of the content of a brand new GenAI report we are launching soon. The event also provides you with a golden opportunity to network with your peers in the region.

Key topics

We’re entering a new era of an abundance of AI, whereas the same time we pivot into an era marked by scarcity and continuous crisis: an abundance of scarcity. The need for decisive leadership and innovative thinking has never been more critical. Our Sogeti Executive Summit promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of our new reality, examining the twin transformations facing today's businesses: the shift towards a digital and a sustainable economy. 

The event will be anchored around two pivotal themes:

The Generative AI Revolution: With the advent of ChatGPT, we're witnessing a paradigm shift in human-technology interaction. This segment will delve into how generative AI is reshaping customer expectations and the strategic imperatives for businesses.

Sustainable Growth in a Finite World: We'll confront the challenges of unlimited economic growth, debating eco-modernist and eco-socialist perspectives. Our goal is to derive actionable insights for leveraging technology, including generative AI, in sustainable ways.
Together, we aim to chart a course through – these complex times, avoiding costly errors and embracing the opportunities that lie within these challenges, from thoughts to concrete actions.

Event overview

Date: May 23, 2024
Time: 14.00-18.00 Sogeti Executive Summit, 18.00-20.00 3-course dinner
Venue: High Court, Malmöhusvägen 1, 211 18 Malmö


  • Opening
    Therese Sinter, Moderator/Nina Petterson, Branch Manager, Sogeti South
  • Introducing the future scenarios
    Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Global
  • Scarcity in Abundance
    Menno van Doorn, Research Director, SogetiLabs 
  • Round Table discussion: Dealing with Scarcity
  • The Generative AI wave
    Michiel Boreel, CTO, Sogeti Global
  • The Myths of (Gen)AI – de-mystified
    Joakim Wahlqvist, Data & AI Lead, Sogeti Global/Marcus Norrgren, Data & AI Lead, Sogeti Sweden
  • Round Table Discussion: What is standing in the way of main stream adoption of AI?
  • Why I am not using LLM’s – my personal journey and what I discovered
    Sara Moricz, Phd in Economics/Senior Data Scientist
  • Internet culture and GenAI as an interface
    Sander Duivestein, Senior Analyst, SogetiLabs
  • End of event followed by dinner



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  • Nina Pettersson
    Nina Pettersson
    Branch Manager, Sogeti Sweden South
    + 46 73 058 57 51

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