Gen AI Kickstarts

GenAI Kickstarts

Generative AI is making waves in IT and most industries have already been or will be affected. We at Sogeti use our expertise to support you when you want to start your GenAI journey, or continue on it, no matter where you are in the process of developing your AI-based services.

Based on your business needs, we tailor and offer three kickstarts to help you move forward on your GenAI journey. You choose the kickstart that matches your business's needs right now. It doesn't matter if you want to initiate your GenAI work, move on from idea to concrete solution, or if you want to scale up your GenAI services.

GenAI Discovery Kickstart

We start by listening to where you are on the Generative AI journey. You and your team go through your needs with us through a short digital meeting. Then we will share our experiences with you and describe opportunities during an inspirational session. Together, we conduct a half-day discovery workshop. Here, we map, estimate and prioritize what is realistic to implement in the shortest time to quickly achieve your desired result.

You get: 

  • An inspirational session
  • A half-day workshop that results in a prioritized list of possible ideas to implement
  • A compilation of the inspirational session and workshop as well as a recommendation on the next steps

From the result of above we share a roadmap with ideas and solutions that are estimated, valued and prioritized to take forward. And best of all. Delivery within a couple of days.

GenAI Realization Kickstart 

One or more of the ideas and solutions identified during the discovery workshop are realized to make them a reality, or we take your existing initiatives further into concrete solutions. We investigate a little deeper what data is required, what the conditions are and what questions are important to answer.

You get: 

  • A simple ROI calculation on selected ideas to be able to see the potential value
  • Proposed solution, objectives and method to achieve the desired result of the prioritized idea
  • A first testable solution to create knowledge and validate the business case and chosen solution approach

Delivery within 2-10 weeks.

GenAI Scaling and Trust Kickstart

When you want to build your solutions in a more scalable and long-term way, we can help you automate, structure and set a process for Generative AI. This step includes both the technical platform required to get a reliable and consistent result from technology, as well as a process for working with data quality that complies with the EU AI Act. We create the conductor who coordinates your "GenAI orchestra" to handle each task in a reliable way.

You get: 

  • A plan for long-term sustainability and scalability
  • An automated and structured process for generative AI
  • A production-ready environment for AI


Fill out the form below and we will get back to you shortly. You can also turn directly to our contact and foremost expert in the field in Sweden (you can find his contact details on this page) and get started quickly with the kickstart you are interested in.


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