Enabling Products for the Internet of Things

The explosion in connected devices and platforms, abundance of data from field devices and rapidly changing technology landscape has made it imperative for companies to quickly adapt their products and services and move from physical world to a digital world. Companies will need to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies for this transformation.

Bridge the Physical-Digital Divide with Our IoT Services & Solutions

It is important to look beyond the connected devices and protocols to drive business value from IoT investments. Success of an IoT initiative hinges upon capabilities in data acquisition, integration, analytics, and an in-depth expertise in enterprise business processes.

We provide a broad range of IoT services that help enterprise usher into an era of Intelligent, Context Aware Things (ICAT). Our service portfolio focuses on key stages of the ICAT program i.e.

  • Plan, Control and Improve
  • Operationalize and Execute

Our focus Areas

Enabling Products for the Internet of Things


IHEAL: Our Predictive analytics based IOT solution that enables remote monitoring and diagnostic for connected products

IAUTOPULSE: Prognostic Asset Health Solution based on first principle for accurately determining asset health and RUL ( Remaining Useful Life)

IPS3 (Integrated Product Support & Sustaining Services): Our information consolidation platform for delivering Engineering Analytics and insights from multiple product related data sources

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