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Product & Engineering Consulting Services

Build and retain competitive advantage by leveraging our consulting services

Companies today constantly struggle to keep their product and service portfolio current and relevant in face of rapidly changing technology landscape, emergence of disruptive business models combined with gradual blurring of boundaries between digital and physical worlds. Making tough technical choices and right business decisions with confidence is a challenge. Providing right advisory with proven knowledge and experience will benefit the companies ensuring they learn from failures and successes in relevant areas from variety of diverse exposures from various industries.

Our offerrings

In face of rapidly changing environment, leverage our Digital Engineering expertise and consulting services to solve your toughest problems; identify best opportunities, innovate, build and market better yet cost effective products faster.

Product Domain & Technology

  • User-centric Design and UX
  • Architecture and Design (Software and Embedded)
  • Database Optimization and Modeling
  • Tools & Technology Selection and Trade-off Analysis
  • Migration Strategy
  • Product Portfolio Rationalization
  • Localization Strategy
  • Platform Consolidation
  • Performance Engineering (Product / Application level )
  • Data Analytics - Strategy and Tools Selection
  • Value Engineering

Process Engineering

  • Compliance Consulting
  • Agile Consulting
  • Moving to Product Line Engineering Approach (Software Product Line (SPL)SOA/EAI)

Our Solutions

  • Methodology and Frameworks: Time-tested, proven frameworks and methodologies allow us to deliver results consistently across the entire gamut of services from technology evaluation and selection to product modernization, migration, open source adoption to value engineering. Some of the methodologies and frameworks include:
    • Technology Evaluation framework
    • Open source Adoption framework
    • ISECURE – Security Methodology
    • IVAVE for Value Engineering
  • Development Accelerators: Extensive library of reusable components, visualization controls, development and testing tools ensure we deliver high quality products in shortest of time and at optimal cost. Example:
    • HTML5 Controls Library
    • Architecture pattern (MVC and MVVM) Validator
    • iAudit – Audit Log tool
    • Auto Unit Test Generator
    • Graphics library
  • Solutions & Tool Kits
    • IGLOBNET - Localization Toolkit
    • SaaS Migration Toolkit
    • Data Migration Utility
    • Windows Migration tool kit

Our Collaborative Innovation Partner Approach

We partner with technology providers to develop future oriented technologies. We bring a convergence of technical expertise, solutions and the RightShore® model to work with customers in all of their geographical locations.

  • One-stop-shop: We provide a comprehensive portfolio of services for end-to-end product development, design, test and deployment. We leverage product localization services for emerging markets using our global presence and domain expertise.
  • Engineering DNA: We have collaborated with our customers’ engineering organizations to drive co-innovation in different phases of a product life cycle.
  • Continual Improvement through delivery and engineering innovations: We help engineering departments adopt lean techniques for continuous improvement of Quality-Productivity-Cycle time of the delivery for long-term engagements.
  • Reusable solutions and frameworks: We have invested in solutions and frameworks to accelerate service delivery.
  • Access to best-in-class lab and product development best practices: We will Leverage our well-recognized lab set-ups with the required hardware, software tools and methodologies.

  • Parag Dhabe
    Parag Dhabe
    National Digital Engineering Lead
    +46 (0)76 102 19 09

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